Chef Yacinth Pos

Haarlem, The Netherlands ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฑ
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Chef Yacinth Pos will arrive 1 hour in advance of your event
Special tableware, rings that need to be hidden. Anything goes.
Your kitchen will be left cleaner than it was when Chef Yacinth Pos arrived.

About Chef Yacinth Pos

I'll be honest... A new world really opened up for me when I started cooking at people's homes. But oh, how it is nice to be a part of this coziness as a cook as well. As a cook, I love a relaxed atmosphere and personal dinners.

Cooking at people's homes started from my passion for new dining experiences. From a young age I have worked in many professional kitchens, where I quickly experienced that art and cooking are closely related. Inventing and creating new dishes and challenging the well known table rituals, motivates me every day to be busy with food.

Refined flavors are number one, but in addition to the palette, I also like to serve the eye by letting color and shape play a big role in my creations. In addition, I am always on a quest for more adventure in the kitchen. I like to draw outside the lines and combine many international flavors in a surprising way. 

What can you expect? 

I offer a creative and surprising 4-course menu where always courses can be booked. In addition, the tableware and bread on the table are provided. I like to coordinate each dinner personally with you and discuss all your wishes together. You can always expect fresh products from me. I also like to cook vegetarian and vegan dinners. I am actually open to any challenge, so if you have a nice idea, please let me know! And of course I leave the kitchen completely clean after dinner. 

I am really enjoying this new way of dining. I would love to come and cook at your home, hopefully we'll meet soon! 


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Things you should know

Health and Safety
  • Hygiene certificate
  • Allergy certificate
  • Insured when using the platform
  • Professional Chef
Cancellation Policy
Free cancellation for 7 days before the event. Review the Hostโ€™s full cancellation policy which applies even if you cancel for illness or disruptions caused by COVID-19.

Home made products by Chef Yacinth Pos

Our chefs can sell mealboxes, dinner boxes, and other specialities, such as pasta or sauces
Chef Yacinth Pos does not sell any products yet.

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