A ChefMaison private-chef experience that can happen in Antwerp

Private chefs in Antwerp

Walking dinner, private dinner or catering plans? Receive personalized menu proposals from our chefs and free quotes

Booking a private chef at home in Antwerp

Perhaps the best thing about ChefMaison is that you can find a home cook for literally any kind of occasion. Whether you want to organise a birthday party, corporate event or a romantic dinner, you will find the best chefs in Antwerp for every occasion on ChefMaison.

Discover new dishes with our chefs

Through ChefMaison, you have the opportunity to chat with several chefs from Antwerp and arrive at a customised menu. Indicate your wishes and dietary preferences and experience how creative our chefs are! You will discover dishes and recipes that cannot be found in any restaurant. Enjoy the unique cooking experiences ChefMaison brings.

Find the right chef at ChefMaison

ChefMaison has an extensive range of chefs in Antwerp. But our search function and filters make it pretty easy to end up with the right chef. Filter by price, location, date, type of cuisine and the chef's level to arrive at the right choice. And you can always talk to several chefs should you still have doubts!

Read about previous experiences

We know better than anyone how difficult it can be to find a good chef in Antwerp. Through previous experiences and sample menus, you can read what suits you best. This will give you a good idea of chef and cooking style that suits you best. Enjoy the quality that ChefMaison brings and discover new recipes with the help of Antwerp's chefs.

How it works

Step 1
Search for the perfect chef for your experience. Private dining, catering, weddings or a cooking workshop? We got you covered!
Step 2
Chat with the chef and customize your menu to your wishes
Step 3
Finalize your reservation by paying through ChefMaison
A private dinner

The ultimate culinary gift

Gift the private dining experience to your friends, family or colleagues. ChefMaison gift cards can be used for any service, such as private dining, walking dinners or business events.