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Bring a chef on vacation!

Our chefs will also work there magic abroad

Chefs on holidays

Our chefs fly or sail with you!

How does it work?

It's that easy to book a private chef on ChefMaison

Step 1

Look around

Welcome at ChefMaison! To find the right chef for your occasion, please use our search engine. You can filter on price, availability and cuisine!

Step 2

Chat with Chefs

Do you have allergies or other dietary preferences? ChefMaison connects you directly to our chef to discuss these wishes. We use WhatsApp to notify you of messages. This makes it easy to quickly make a custom menu for your unforgettable experience

Step 3

Confirm reservation

The chef will send you a menu proposal through the chat and WhatsApp. You can always change minor details by communicating with the chef, and cancellation is free up to 7 days before the dinner was planned. More info: here

Step 4

Bon appetit!

Your reservation is confirmed. Any tips or last-minute questions? Talk to the chef directly. ChefMaison is of course always at your service should you need more assistance

Need more details?

Questions about ChefMaison's holiday services? Book a meeting with Casper!