Chef Tim Conijnenberg

Gellicum, Pays Bas 🇳🇱
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Chef Tim Conijnenberg's picture
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À propos de Chef Tim Conijnenberg

The restaurant only at your own dining table.

Experience a culinary evening at home with friends, family or business clients.

With this concept I started in the Corona pandemi and have had the opportunity to give fantastic dinners.

It is the total package from styling to cutlery and glassware, with private plates wine or beer arrangement and not to forget the composed dinner.

All you have to do is join your party at your own table.

How does the dinner work?

It goes as follows, the client and I discuss together the wishes of the dinner with the number of courses desired etc.

Based on that with dietary requirements and preferences, I put together a menu.

Based on the number of people and options I calculate a quote.

If it is approved on both sides then it is time to pick a date and we can enjoy the evening together.

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Ce que vous devez savoir

Santé et sécurité
  • Certificat d'hygiène
  • Certificat d'allergie
  • Assuré lors de l'utilisation de la plateforme
  • Chef professionnel
Conditions d'annulation
Annulation gratuite pendant 7 jours avant l'événement. Consultez la politique d'annulation complète de l'hôte qui s'applique même si vous annulez pour cause de maladie ou de perturbations causées par le COVID-19

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