Chef Andrea Recaldin

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Chef Andrea Recaldin's picture
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À propos de Chef Andrea Recaldin

I would love to introduce myself as a determinate person who is traveling across the board to improve and learn as much required into the food world, I have been pushed from amazing chefs to believe in my creativity and ambition to step high in life and career, Along these years I had chance to work in many different types of kitchen, from pastry and street food to brasserie until Michelin stars restaurant. The reason why since a year I decided to focus on me and try to give my personality on the dishes I make. The biggest satisfaction for a chef is telling people who you are by creating tastes that can talks more than words, and memories that will be always unique.

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Ce que vous devez savoir

Santé et sécurité
  • Certificat d'hygiène
  • Certificat d'allergie
  • Assuré lors de l'utilisation de la plateforme
  • Chef professionnel
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