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The ultimate culinary gift

An original, tasty and classy present. To be used indefinitely for any type of ChefMaison experience: anniversaries, weddings or dinner parties

A wonderful dish by Luuk van Doorn
Giovanni Nava, private chef and home cook
A private dinner
A private dinner with carbon magic

ChefMaison Gift Cards: Unique Culinary Experiences to Share

At ChefMaison, it's all about unique experiences. Every private chef is carefully selected based on expertise and passion. With our chefs, you can enjoy a personalized menu from one of our private chefs who transforms your kitchen into a culinary paradise.

The ChefMaison gift card offers flexibility in choice. Recipients have the freedom to choose a home cook or private chef that suits their taste and is available at the desired time. Whether you're planning an intimate private dinner, a wedding, a luxury buffet, a business lunch to impress partners, or a cozy family meal, ChefMaison guarantees unforgettable culinary moments.

Why is a ChefMaison Gift Card so special?

  1. Surprise Your Friends with Unique Experiences: Your friends may already have everything, but a ChefMaison Gift Card offers a unique and unexpected culinary experience they will never forget.
  2. Exclusive Luxury: Our private chefs are carefully selected based on their craftsmanship and passion for food. With a ChefMaison Gift Card, you bring the refinement of a private chef directly to your dining table.
  3. Flexibility First: No hassle with reservations or fixed menus. With ChefMaison, recipients can choose a chef that suits their taste and preferences, at a time that works for them.
  4. Unforgettable Experiences: Whether it's an intimate dinner for two, a festive event with friends, or a cozy family meal, ChefMaison creates memories that last a lifetime.
  5. Easy to Use: Purchasing a ChefMaison Gift Card is quick and easy. Choose the desired amount, add a personal message, and send it directly to the lucky recipient.

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