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How to book a private dinner

How to book a private dinner
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Many people have become familiar with the concept of a private chef during the corona pandemic. Especially during the lockdown when nothing was allowed, this was a delightful solution. However, compared to other countries such as England, America, and Canada, the concept of a private chef is still relatively unknown in the Netherlands. In this article, we'll explain how a private dinner works and how to book it!

ChefMaison is an international platform where you can easily connect with a private chef. Using the filters, you can easily find a chef who fits your needs and preferences. Once you've chosen a chef, you can customize your menu through chat in consultation with the chef. Exactly the way you want it. Specify your preferences and allergies, and leave the rest to the creativity of the private chef. Once you're satisfied with your customized menu, you can confirm your dinner. The chef will take care of the tableware and cutlery, and you can discuss any table decoration as needed.

Exciting, you've booked a private chef, but now what? What can you expect when you've made a booking with a private chef?

Once you've confirmed your menu, the chef will search for local suppliers to find the best and freshest products for you. A few days before, the chef will start preparing for your culinary evening. All sauces will be freshly made, and the mise en place will be prepared.

This way, the chef ensures that they can focus on what needs to be done on the evening itself.

Yes! The evening has finally arrived when the chef comes to your home to cook. In a restaurant, you never get as close to the kitchen, but with a private chef, you see everything happening in your own kitchen. A tip for the real hobby chefs among us; you can also ask the chefs about different cutting techniques or other kitchen techniques, they are happy to talk about their profession!

During the evening itself, you don't have to worry about anything else other than your company and the atmosphere at the table. The chef takes care of everything to give you a wonderful evening and happily explains the dishes to you when serving each course.

After a delightful dinner, the chef also ensures that your kitchen remains spotless so that you don't have to deal with washing up. This is also a great advantage of booking a private chef. You don't have to clean up and wash dishes afterward. How nice is that!

Find your perfect private chef here and enjoy a delightful culinary evening!

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