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À propos de Chef Samuka Kenneh

My name is Samuka Kenneh. I am a private chef and caterer who is extremely passionate about the kitchen. In my kitchen, every dish has a special story that needs to be told, and I always try to add an element of my roots to my dishes.

I was born in Liberia and lived in Sierra Leone for a while. I came to the Netherlands when I was ten, but I still look back fondly on my childhood in Africa. Luckily, I can still enjoy the food here every now and then.

From an early age, I was interested in the food my parents prepared for me, and it made me decide to study cooking. Over the years, I have worked at four various star restaurants.

In 2021, I decided that cooking for me is more than standing in the kitchen and preparing dishes. Each dish has its own story and background. I always try to incorporate something from my roots into my dishes. Because I love the personal contact with guests and I think it is important to start my personal story with every dish, I decided to set up Kenneh's Kitchen.

Kenneh's Kitchen can be booked from 2 people. My team and I also cater for large groups of 10 people. Would you like to book Kenneh's Kitchen, or do you have questions about the dishes I prepare? Please feel free to call me, or book directly via the upper-right button.

See you in the kitchen,

Samuka Kenneh



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