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Chef Damien Bal

Parijs, Frankrijk 🇫🇷
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Over Chef Damien Bal

Passionate since a young age, Damien Bal honed his skills alone before opening his first restaurant. Ten years and six addresses later, this self-taught chef now works as a nomad, offering his recipes on the finest tables in France. Established as a private chef on the Ferret, he continues to captivate even the most seasoned palates with intimate meals or grand banquets. Highly sought after by touring artists and attentive to athletes' diets, the chef has established himself as a reference in the gastronomy world in recent years.

While he delights celebrities at major events like Fashion Week and the Cannes Film Festival, his true brilliance shines on a local scale. Whether it's buffets, lavish spreads at home, or beachside dining on a table carved from the sand, the chef relies on excellence and originality to tantalize his guests' taste buds. Epicurean and meticulous, he offers a customizable menu tailored to the tastes and desires of his clients. As a specialist in Kobe beef, oysters, and truffles, this Franco-Vietnamese chef brings back new, exclusive, and flavorful flavor combinations from his travels to elevate these exceptional products.

Leading a brigade of six experienced chefs, he refuses to limit his cuisine and instead lets his imagination run wild. This year, in addition to his numerous engagements, the chef has launched a sea delivery service, transporting meals by boat based on your GPS coordinates. Innovative and curious, Damien Bal offers his clientele the chance to savor delicious hot dishes in the midst of the Bassin.


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Veiligheid en gezondheid
  • Hygiëne certificaat
  • Allergie verklaring
  • Verzekerd via ChefMaison bij platformgebruik
  • Professionele Chef
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