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Chef Romain Portelli

Poitiers, Frankrijk 🇫🇷
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Over Chef Romain Portelli

My name is Romain Portelli, and I am a traveling chef based in Poitiers and throughout France.

After following a classical culinary path, I chose to create diverse professional experiences centered around encounters and projects. I would like to share my expertise and the richness of my journey with you, introducing you to inventive cuisine both in your home and beyond.

As a personal chef in Poitiers, offering cooking classes, and specializing in wild ingredients, I am passionate about nature, fishing, foraging, and exploring our region's culinary heritage as well as cuisines from around the world. I am constantly seeking new flavors to fuel my creativity: wild products, organic cuisine, seasonal dishes, gourmet cuisine, international flavors, American-style barbecue, sushi nights, and much more.

I blend my love for nature with my profession by creating dishes inspired by walks in the countryside (mushrooms, wild plants, fishing).

All of this contributes to strengthening my culinary identity and my personal and professional universe, allowing me to offer ever more original and unconventional services and experiences.

In a world where there is a growing awareness, many of us aspire to consume and nourish ourselves differently. It gives meaning to my work to focus on new plant-based cuisines, local products, organic farming, eco-responsibility, and accommodating dietary restrictions when necessary. These new consumption patterns are at the heart of today's challenges.


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