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Chef Xavier Guillet

Nantes, Frankrijk 🇫🇷
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Over Chef Xavier Guillet

Self-taught and passionate, I pursued my culinary education later in life at the Hotel School of Nantes and in the cooking classes of renowned chefs. To formalize my culinary journey, I obtained a culinary degree (CAP de cuisine), including a stage with Pascal Roy, a MasterChef contestant in Nantes. As a collector of culinary literature, I draw inspiration, in small doses, from the innovative ideas that I adapt to my own style. I am both a supporter of locally sourced ingredients and an enthusiast of spices, having learned their art at Olivier Roellinger's School of Corsairs.

My culinary influences oscillate between Breton gastronomy and the fragrances of the Côte d'Azur from my childhood. I craft a gourmet and meticulously prepared cuisine, centered on sourcing high-quality ingredients from the best producers in the Nantes region or, when necessary, from around the world through online platforms. With a creative flair, I tailor my dishes to suit all your desires, aiming to bring joy and satisfaction to your dining experience.


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  • Hygiëne certificaat
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  • Verzekerd via ChefMaison bij platformgebruik
  • Professionele Chef
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