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Discover the culinary delights of Brussels with a private chef at home

Want to make your next special occasion extra special? Or are you organizing an elaborate lunch or dinner for your family or friends in Brussels? With a private chef at home, you bring a unique culinary experience into your home. Book a private chef who will prepare the finest dishes at your desired location in Brussels and offer you a special experience. Surprise your guests with a culinary excellence multi-course dinner in an intimate atmosphere while you yourself can enjoy the food and your company. Look no further for a private chef at home in Brussels and discover the many possibilities through ChefMaison!

Discover the diversity of Brussels cuisines with a home chef

Brussels is known for its culinary delights and diversity of cuisines. At ChefMaison, we offer a wide range of home chefs in Brussels, so you can always find a chef to suit your personal tastes. Whether you opt for a traditional Belgian dinner, a fusion menu or a walking dinner, there is a suitable chef for every cuisine and occasion. Our experienced chefs are familiar with cooking for small or large gatherings, so ChefMaison can also cater your event in Brussels. Discover the available home chefs through our filters and choose your favorite!

Be completely relieved by a private chef on location in Brussels

Once you have found the perfect private chef, you can immediately discuss all the details via our chat function. Together, you will put together the menu and communicate any preferences or allergies you may have. Your chef will come to your Brussels location on the agreed day and time to cook and of course bring all the ingredients and cooking utensils yourself. It is also possible to request dishes, glassware and table coverings. This way you don't have to worry about anything yourself and enjoy your evening to the fullest!

Booking a private chef at home in Brussels is easy

Booking a private chef in Brussels has never been easier through ChefMaison. You are only three steps away from booking a home chef in Brussels. Enjoy the culinary delights Brussels has to offer with a private chef at home!

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Search for the perfect chef for your experience. Private dining, catering, weddings or a cooking workshop? We got you covered!
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Chat with the chef and customize your menu to your wishes
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Finalize your reservation by paying through ChefMaison
A private dinner

The ultimate culinary gift

Gift the private dining experience to your friends, family or colleagues. ChefMaison gift cards can be used for any service, such as private dining, walking dinners or business events.

Other great chefs in Brussels

Chef Ilse De Witte
Ilse De Witte
1440 for 6 guests
Uw Keukenfee Ilse de Witte is gediplomeerd kok en chocolatier.
Chef Pieter Uytterlinde
Pieter Uytterlinde
0 for 6 guests
“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”
Chef Jelbrich
600 for 6 guests
Chef Réginald Smit
Réginald Smit
600 for 6 guests
I use recipes from all over the world and most of them are infused with an Asian touch , due to my passion for travel.
Chef Jeroen Borgers
Jeroen Borgers
390 for 6 guests
Food and drink connects.
Chef Tjitze van der Dam
Tjitze van der Dam
1200 for 6 guests
In the Friese village of Jubbega he grows up, but to reach the top he must look beyond...
Chef Yamen
510 for 6 guests
Zijn liefde voor goed eten en zijn ambitie voor goed koken voerden hem o.a. naar Libanon
Chef Wilco van den Baar
Wilco van den Baar
1200 for 6 guests
Wilco has a passion for pure, honest and genuine cuisine, often with Mediterranean inspiration
Chef Evangelos Tsatis
Evangelos Tsatis
600 for 6 guests
Chef Marcel den Heijer
Marcel den Heijer
600 for 6 guests
Hi! Ik ben Marcel den Heijer (39), geboren en getogen Amsterdammer, chef in hart en nieren en een expert in het creëren van culinaire gerechten. Ik ben een echte Bourgondiër. Ik sta bekend om mijn gezelligheid, humor en professionaliteit. Ik maak van elk diner een feestje en mijn dag is geslaagd als ik bij gasten een blijvende herinnering heb gecreëerd. Mijn culinaire passie is ontstaan in de spoelkeuken waar ik als 15-jarige ben begonnen. Vanuit daar heb ik opleidingen gevolgd en ben ik doorgegroeid in het vak als chef. Mijn ervaring heb ik o.a. opgedaan bij restaurant de Kas en restaurant As. In mijn functie als souschef heb ik bij deze mooie zaken geleerd om vanuit simpliciteit en respect voor mens, dier en milieu te koken. In mijn eigen restaurant Rechtstreeks serveerde ik elke dag een nieuw menu, met producten die te groot, te klein, te krom, te weinig of in overvloed waren. Zo konden gasten genieten van mijn creaties en tegelijkertijd de voedselverspilling tegen gaan. Groente krijgt bij mij altijd een speciaal plekje op het menu. Ik wil je graag verrassen met pure smaken zoals de natuur het bedoeld heeft.
Chef Sherwin Barbolina
Sherwin Barbolina
900 for 6 guests
Creating new dishes and tantalizing people's taste buds are what drove me to start something for myself. I link each dish back to my own name, so I make sure that each dish is prepared with the highest precision and leaves the kitchen. After years of working in several high-end restaurants in the Netherlands where everything is about finesse, taste and fresh products, I am ready to put this experience on the map worldwide.
Chef Samuka Kenneh
Samuka Kenneh
780 for 6 guests
In my kitchen, every dish has a special story that needs to be told, and I always try to add an element of my roots to my dishes.