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Personal leads

This is your time to shine! Chat and design menus with potential guests directly through our app. We strive to interfere as little as possible with your process, but are always there for support. We also provide you with leads through our 'hub'

Automatic payments

We want you to do your magic in the kitchen, not at your desk doing administration. We provide a hassle-free payment experience for our guests, and aim for as little admininistration for you.

Fantastic community

Just starting? Up for collabs in bigger events? Shape your platform together with us and the other chefs. You can reach out to chefs on the platform, and even to clients who do general dining requests.

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It’s totally free to create a profile! We only charge you for a paid event. Our commission is 15%. Once you are signed up and onboarded, you will be a part of ChefMaison’s global chef community! You can sign up –

ChefMaison is a platform designed for guests to book chefs for private events to create unique dining experiences. As a chef you will be able to earn more and do what you love - cooking! You will get personal leads, be able to directly communicate with the guest, automatic payments, and join our fantastic community of chefs!

The total price of the booking includes the menu preparation, ingredients, clean up, and transportation (see - What if the location of the event is too far away?).

Our cancellation policy for our guests is a full refund if the request is canceled up to 7 days before the date of the event. If the guest cancels within 7 days of the event, you will receive 50% of the confirmed booking price. Chef cancellations should be kept to a minimum. We understand that emergencies and reasons out of your control happen. Cancellations will be reflected with our ranking system on our platform. Once you cancel, your booking will be passed onto another chef where the menu and price will be the same.

Once you receive a request, it is best to communicate back to the guest as soon as possible. The quicker the response to a request, the higher your ranking will be in our system. Your profile will be reflected higher on our platform.

You may decline a request from a guest by clicking the unavailable/not interested (yellow) button in the hub/chat tab of your profile. This will decline the request and send the request to the rest of the chef community.

When your profile is created, you will set your own radius on the farthest distance you are willing to travel. Chef profiles will only be shown to guests that have set the event location within your travel distance radius. Chefs can also add a travel allowance $ per/km amount extra for guest events that are located past their travel radius. You can change your radius at any time.

All chefs can work at any event they are comfortable accepting. From large weddings to cocktail parties, each experience is unique. You can get creative with the event and discuss ways to make their event unforgettable! Check out the Experiences page on our website to be inspired!

There are many ways to create a unique profile. We ask that all our chefs submit a professional headshot in a chef’s jacket that will be their profile picture. Also, we ask chefs to submit pictures that showcase the food they make, and we encourage sample menus. Additionally, the more events do, reviews will be important and will be on your profile. Soon, chefs will be able to individualize their profiles, being able to upload a personal video, update pictures, change sample menus, colors and much more!

Awesome! Once a request is made you will see the guest request on your chat in the app and website. The ChefMaison support team will also make sure that you have received the request that was submitted. Make sure that you respond to the request as soon as possible. This will ensure that you will be considered for the guest’s event and for your profile to be ranked high on our platform. You can begin communicating directly with the guest. What kind of event is it? You can send sample menus, pictures, and give suggestions to create a special event. Once you have confirmed the date, location, number of guests, menu, dietary preferences, and pricing you will submit a booking confirmation to allow the guest to pay for the event. Now you are all set! Please also make sure to communicate to the guest your arrival time, what you will bring, and any fridge space needed accordingly.

When communication is done through our platform, both you and the guest are insured. Contact if you have further questions.

See - After receiving a booking, what should I do next?

We understand that events can change last-minute. If there is anything that cannot be changed or catered to, please contact and we will help you with the last minute accommodation so you and the guest will experience an unforgettable event.

Special menus and specific dietary preferences are expected to be catered and it is the Chef’s responsibility to propose menus that meet the guests’ requirements. You will have the opportunity to wow each guest with every request from sample menus to your beautiful food pictures. As a chef for a private event, you will have fun creating those custom-tailored menus! Allergies and dietary restrictions are very important. Confirm with the guest about any allergies and dietary restrictions for the event.

Chef’s are paid no later than 3 days post the event. If you do not receive your payment within 3 days, please contact us at You can see confirmed payment transactions on your profile in the Bookings Tab.

Communicate with the guest how much time you need to prepare before the event start time. Confirm with the guest when you would like to arrive. Typically, chefs should arrive 1-1.5 before the event start time to be familiar with the kitchen and set up their station.

You are expected to bring your chef’s knife and all the equipment you need to prepare for the event. You will confirm with the guest how their kitchen is set up and any tools/equipment that are available.

Once the event is complete, it is your duty to clean up the space that was used (i.e. the kitchen) to the condition it was before you were there. Be diligent in the clean up as this may affect guest reviews. For example, clean all equipment used by yourself and place back the equipment accordingly. Wipe down the surfaces and do not forget anything brought by you. Attention to detail!

You can bring a helper, team member(s), servers etc. Make sure this is communicated with the guest. If the guest requests a helper, server, or bartender, you may quote the guest if you are able to arrange.

Ask the guest what they want to do with the extra/leftover ingredients. If the guest does not want the extra ingredients, take away the ingredients,

It will be your job to source the specific equipment needed for the event. The guest’s kitchen may have some specific equipment that can be used – communicate with the guest and ask prior to the event and make sure you bring all the necessary equipment/tools needed. As a part of our chef community you can ask in the community if other chefs have equipment you may need. Cool!

The table(s) for the event is typically set up by the guest. You may offer setting up the table and any extras like centerpieces and flower arrangements with the guest.

The dress code for ChefMaison events is to wear professional attire. If you own a chef’s jack that is suitable. Please make sure that all attire is professional and clean.

Keep track of all the needs for the guest from the list of ingredients to equipment needed to bring. You can use your own checklist, or the checklist provided by ChefMaison. Double check everything and be attentive to the guests’ requirements.

If you receive a review, the review will be shown or your profile. To keep standards high at ChefMaison, chefs that receive multiple bad reviews may be taken off the platform.

If parking is required, you should park at a location close to the event location. You may load off your equipment and any necessary items into the event space for convenience. Make sure to let the guest know how long your vehicle will be on premise and the best location to park once everything is unloaded. The guest will not be responsible for the safety of your vehicle.

Most chefs will do most of the prepping before the event. For prepping that needs to be done the day of the event, you will arrange with the guest your arrival time before the start time. Confirm with the guest the time that will be needed for prep work. Guests really like to see you go to local groceries, make them part of the journey and send them videos of your preparations!

ChefMaison’s Instagram handle is _chefmaison_. Feel free to tag us where we are always cross collaborating with our chef community.

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