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À propos de Chef Pablo Munoz

Cooking and eating is Quality of Life.

I started as a Chef in the world of Hospitality with a vision of professionalism and complete dedication in this discipline. I worked for Chefs such as Francis Mallmann, Beatriz Chomnalez, Fernando Mayoral, Paula Méndez Carreras in Argentina.

I worked in several restaurants, bistros and hotels in Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Patagonia before deciding to continue my culinary journey and studies in Europe.

I did market cuisine in a restaurant of Sky station in Andorra.

After this experience I had already agreed in Barcelona to do a course at the Espai Sucre school with Jordi Butron, where in addition to learning about restaurant desserts I had a high professional meeting and began to think and make a much more avant-garde cuisine.

I took courses with Toni Botella, Paco Roncero, School of Tourism and Business CESAE (Madrid), Hofmann School.

Today I dedicate myself to Personalized Service with clients who are looking for an Innovative and Traditional experience, as well as Gastronomic Advice.

I enjoy cooking in front of my guests, offering them through the kitchen not only the history of the dish but also explaining its origin and above all creating an unforgettable moment? I enjoy it! I see that people are happy when they eat, when they discover and taste amazing flavors. 

I propose that we enjoy the experience of a healthy, fresh cuisine with the best products of the Mediterranean.

I look forward to serving you the best of my cuisine at your table.

Pablo Muñoz Chef

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Chef Pablo Munoz's picture
Chef Pablo Munoz's picture
Chef Pablo Munoz's picture
Chef Pablo Munoz's picture

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