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10 etiquettes for a dinner party at home

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Are you having a dinner party at home with family or friends soon? And are you planning to book a home cook? Then it is important to be aware of the proper etiquettes. After all, there are a number of rules you need to keep in mind when you sit down at the table. In this blog, we explain to you which etiquettes are most important, and give examples of situations in which they may apply. So you'll be well prepared for a fun and culinary evening at home.

  1. Make sure you get to the table on time. It's not neat to leave when a cook is at home, because this means he or she has to wait for you and your guests. Besides, you want to enjoy dinner without rushing, so arrive on time!
  2. Use your cutlery in the right order. If you don't know what order to use, check with your plate mates or ask the cook. Usually the so-called "old-fashioned" system is used, where the knife and fork are on the right side of the plate. Start by using your knife to cut smaller pieces, then choose the fork closest to you.
  3. Don't be too picky. If you have booked home cook, it means you trust his or her ability. Therefore, try different dishes and don't be too picky about what you like or don't like. Do be careful with foods you have never eaten before, though, as they may not taste as you expect!
  4. Put down your cutlery when you are done eating. This indicates to the cook and your guests that you are done, and ensures that your plate is not being walked around unnecessarily.
  5. Be polite to the cook. Thank him or her for the delicious food, and let him or her know if everything is to your liking. If something goes wrong, you can always ask the cook to fix it.
  6. Don't talk with your mouth full. This is not neat, and can cause your food to come out or leave crumbs on the table. So wait until you finish chewing before saying anything.
  7. Be considerate of other people at the table. Make sure you're not just talking about yourself, and actually listen to what others have to say. You can also occasionally ask the cook something about the dinner, such as how the dish was prepared or what ingredient is in it.
  8. Make sure your phone is off, or at least on silent. You don't want your guests to have to listen to your phone ring during dinner, so turn it off or on silent.  If you do need to check something, do it quickly and briefly so you can get back to enjoying the conversation and the food quickly.
  9. Keep your plate neat. Make sure you don't leave all your food scraps on the table, and use the small plates for bread crumbs or other small leftovers. When you finish eating, put your cutlery neatly on the plate and slide it to the side.
  10. Thank everyone at the table for the enjoyable dinner. Make sure you thank briefly and strongly so that everyone knows you really enjoyed the evening. This is not only neat, but also shows how much fun you had.

Now that you know these tips, you can sit down to your next dinner party at home with confidence. Enjoy the delicious food and the cozy atmosphere, and make it a memorable evening! By booking a chef at home, you can enjoy a nice dinner at home with peace of mind! We wish you fun and tasty food in advance!

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