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Chef Sarah Sakibanza

Paris, France 🇫🇷
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About Chef Sarah Sakibanza

I am Sarah Sakibanza, a passionate and determined Chef.

In a traditionally male-dominated sector of gastronomic chefs, I stand out thanks to my conviction and perseverance.

Organic, seasonal, and homemade

My cuisine is based on organic, seasonal products with exclusively homemade preparations.

Technical mastery

and freedom I create my dishes by harmonizing fusion flavors between African and French cuisine. You will explore unique flavor combinations that reveal the full richness of the ingredients.

Culinary creativity

My flavor compositions create dishes that tell a story inspired by my Congolese origins and my travels around the world.

Environmental respect

I work exclusively with organic products, and my dishes are homemade, in an environmentally respectful approach.

A sensory journey

I would define my cuisine as a sensory journey, an ode to creativity and authenticity.


Chef Sarah Sakibanza will arrive 1 hour in advance of your event
Chat with the chef to arrange extras, such as special tableware or a ring hidden in the dessert 💍
Your kitchen will be left cleaner than it was when Chef Sarah Sakibanza arrived.

Help and Support

Our Customer Success Team is available from 7:00 to 23:00 daily to help you with all your questions
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Home made products by Chef Sarah Sakibanza

Our chefs can sell mealboxes, dinner boxes, and other specialities, such as pasta or sauces
Chef Sarah Sakibanza does not sell any products yet.

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