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The ChefMaison Giftcard is an unique present! post image

The ChefMaison Giftcard is an unique present!

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Do you also suffer from gift struggle? You want to make everyone happy with a unique gift, but you don't know what to give. And an envelope with money is also so boring. How about the gift card from ChefMaison? With this gift card you can make everyone happy! You can give it at weddings or birthdays and it's a pleasant surprise for everyone. Love goes through the stomach, so with this Giftcard for a private chef you are sure to make yourself loved by your friends and family!  

Everyone knows it. What should we give to our friends next? They seem to have so much already.  An envelope with money is also so trite. But what then? By now everyone has collected enough bol.com gift cards that they are no longer surprised. The ChefMaison gift card is a unique gift that offers a unique experience, namely a private chef in your own kitchen! You can put any amount on the card, so your friend or family member can choose what to do with the amount. Maybe he wants to have dinner at home with the family, or maybe he wants to redeem the gift card for a unique cooking workshop. Everything is possible at ChefMaison!

3 occasions where you steal the show with a ChefMaison gift card. 

1. Wedding: You are the best man or bride and you want to give something unique to the bride and groom?  No problem! With a ChefMaison gift card, you give the bride and groom the unique opportunity to engage a private chef for their wedding. An unforgettable experience for the bride and groom and you will be the hero of the day!

2. Birthday: Your best friend has a birthday and you want to give something unique? How about a private chef coming to prepare a unique dinner on the birthday? A unique experience and a delicious dinner with friends or family. Your friends are going to love it anyway!

3. Cooking workshop: You love to cook, but would like to learn from a professional? ChefMaison organizes unique cooking workshops where you learn from the best chefs. Afterwards, you will go home with unique recipes that you can make yourself. A unique experience to never forget!

The concept of private dining is still quite new in the Netherlands. Therefore we are sure you will surprise your friends with this gift! The giftcard is available on the gifts page and is fun to give as a gift at a wedding or birthday! Love goes through the stomach they once said. With this Giftcard for a private chef you will certainly make yourself loved by your friends and family! 

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