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Boulogne-Billancourt, France 🇫🇷
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Chef Laurence Monteillard will arrive 1 hour in advance of your event
Chat with the chef to arrange extras, such as special tableware or a ring hidden in the dessert 💍
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About Chef Laurence Monteillard

The first part of my career was in the hospitality and restaurant industry after obtaining a BTS degree from a hotel school. I worked with renowned establishments in Bordeaux, Marseille, Paris, and Amélie-les-Bains, including under the guidance of Michel Guérard, the pioneer of healthy and natural cuisine.

A return to my roots and true passions—cooking and pastry. With CAP (Professional Aptitude Certificate) degrees in both cuisine and pastry, and further training at the Lenôtre and Ducasse schools, as well as under Chef pastry Eddie Benghanem at the Trianon Palace, I maintain a curious spirit, constantly seeking to perfect the combinations of products, seasonal ingredients, and preserving authentic flavors.

I would describe my cuisine as a blend of tradition and modernity, characterized by precision and respect for the product and seasons. My goal is to enhance the authentic tastes and flavors of the ingredients while respecting the environment and seasons, with a consciousness of the work behind agricultural production. Always mindful of health and dietary balance, I aim to combine nutrition and indulgence, an essential value.

In my vision, cooking and baking are sources of sharing and gathering that express generosity and the joy of giving pleasure. Making my clients and their guests happy is my ultimate goal.


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