A ChefMaison private-chef experience that can happen in Groningen

Private chefs in Groningen

Walking dinner, private dinner or catering plans? Receive personalized menu proposals from our chefs and free quotes

Discover the culinary wonders of the Northern Netherlands in a new way with a home-cook or private chef. While Groningen holds the title of "Best City Center", ChefMaison can guarantee you the title of "best personal culinary experience". Whether you're looking for a unique twist for your student gala, reunion with old friends, or birthday celebration, our private chefs will make it an unforgettable evening. Together with the chefs, you can create your personalized menu. A complete vegan 4-course dinner with matching wines? No problem. A walking dinner with a "summer" theme and Groningen regional products in your living room? Easily arranged. A birthday celebration in a student house? Our home-cook will even provide the perfect beer pairing for your dishes.

Booking a private chef is easy

Booking a private chef through ChefMaison is a 3-step process. The first step is already taken by getting excited about the prospect of a home-cook in Groningen. The second step is to contact your favorite chef through ChefMaison and customize your personal menu with the chef. You can do this by requesting a quote or by sending individual requests to our chefs. The last step is simple: confirm the reservation through the platform and get excited for your culinary experience!

Experience the home-cook experience

ChefMaison looks forward to seeing photos of unforgettable private chef barbecues in the Noorderpark! You can also give these types of experiences as gifts to others by purchasing a ChefMaison gift card. This is a perfect surprise gift for all Groningen foodies, best colleagues, or corporate gifts.

How it works

Step 1
Search for the perfect chef for your experience. Private dining, catering, weddings or a cooking workshop? We got you covered!
Step 2
Chat with the chef and customize your menu to your wishes
Step 3
Finalize your reservation by paying through ChefMaison
A private dinner

The ultimate culinary gift

Gift the private dining experience to your friends, family or colleagues. ChefMaison gift cards can be used for any service, such as private dining, walking dinners or business events.

Other great chefs in Groningen

Chef Suzanne den Butter
Suzanne den Butter
480 for 6 guests
With experience as a specialty chef and a creative mind that never rests
Chef Daan Holterman
Daan Holterman
600 for 6 guests
Catering op maat en daarbij combineren wij klassieke gerechten, met onze liefde voor barbecue.
Chef Jurgen Hofman
Jurgen Hofman
600 for 6 guests
Someone with a passion for cooking over open fire.
Chef Peter Bertrams
Peter Bertrams
516 for 6 guests
Chef Peter Bertrams knows how to turn both large events and small gatherings into a unique experience. With a personal and hospitable approach, they go for a total experience with every event or dinner that is taken care of down to the last detail. Inspired by the season, Chef Peter creates dishes that excite both visually and in terms of taste. International cuisine with pure, quality and colorful ingredients. Peter finds it important that the menu forms a whole and is balanced. At the table our chef talks with passion about the ingredients and preparation methods.
Chef Bram Verheijen
Bram Verheijen
600 for 6 guests
Gastrobram provides a culinary evening with dishes based on self-selected wines.
Chef Tim Conijnenberg
Tim Conijnenberg
600 for 6 guests
All you have to do is join your party at your own table.
Chef Joost Claessen
Joost Claessen
600 for 6 guests
Om gasten een opmaat, culinaire beleving bieden, waar de gasten nog lang over zullen praten
Chef Jeroen
900 for 6 guests
Culinary surprises, a pleasant atmosphere and genuine hospitality are what it's all about for me.
Chef Thando Maposa
Thando Maposa
720 for 6 guests
So I will take you on a culinary safari with African hospitality!
Chef Heri Sasmito
Heri Sasmito
600 for 6 guests
Mijn keuken combineert mijn Aziatische roots met lokale westerse ingrediënten.
Chef Giovanni Nava
Giovanni Nava
1500 for 6 guests
I trained at one of the most prestigious Italian cooking academies, the Chef Academy in Terni
Chef Sherwin Barbolina
Sherwin Barbolina
900 for 6 guests
Creating new dishes and tantalizing people's taste buds are what drove me to start something for myself. I link each dish back to my own name, so I make sure that each dish is prepared with the highest precision and leaves the kitchen. After years of working in several high-end restaurants in the Netherlands where everything is about finesse, taste and fresh products, I am ready to put this experience on the map worldwide.