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Private chefs in Arnhem

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In Arnhem, you are in the right place for culinary experiences in the many restaurants and cafes. But what if you want something different? With a home-cook, you can fully customize the menu, choose the location, and provide your guests and yourself with an unforgettable evening. Our private chefs are experts in walking dinners, private dinners, barbecues, and cooking workshops. Imagine a fantastic summer day in Sonsbeek Park, with your family and friends gathered around a Big Green Egg, and a top chef creating magic on the grill. Or a unique dessert with a haute cuisine variation on the Arnhemse Meisjes.

The Best Private Chefs in the Netherlands

ChefMaison offers a wide range of the best private chefs in Arnhem. Whether your private chef is cooking Italian in your own kitchen or you're in the mood for sushi, ChefMaison puts you directly in touch with the home-cook for your event. Through our quote page, you can provide your desired date, cuisine, budget, and number of guests. We will then connect you with available private chefs through our chat. After that, it's a matter of fine-tuning your personal menu and evening, and then you can also book through the platform.

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Booking a home-cook in Arnhem has never been easier. You can also surprise your friends or colleagues with this home-cook experience in Arnhem by giving it as a gift! There is no more unique corporate gift! So request your free quote now!

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Search for the perfect chef for your experience. Private dining, catering, weddings or a cooking workshop? We got you covered!
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A private dinner

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Gift the private dining experience to your friends, family or colleagues. ChefMaison gift cards can be used for any service, such as private dining, walking dinners or business events.